Our Company Philosophy

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Our History


Successful ISO Audit for Revision 9001:2015 and 14001:2015


In July 2017, the ISO revisions of 9001 and 14001 took place in house. HENLE passed both of them successfully.


Implementation of the First Welding Robot


Thanks to the implementation of the company's first welding robot in Plant 3, the capacity of the welding workshops could be further expanded. The welding robot is being used to manufacture components which go directly into our stock.


Building a New Storage


In 2016, an additional storage hall is built close to the earliest facilities of HENLE. The new hall is going to be used for the regulation of the internal goods traffic.


Partnership with DHBW


HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH becomes officially education partner of the Dual University Heidenheim for the study programs mechanical engineering and business engineering.


First International Exhibition


HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH exhibits firstly on an international level at Paysalia in Lyon, France, between 1st and 3rd December 2015.


New Painting Workshop


In November, the new painting workshop was put into operation.
The painting works via a circumferential track system including several stations for lifting and lowering, as well as a drying room.
Additionally, the whole workshop was completely renoveted before the painting workshop was set up.


Development of the HENLE HQ


The development of the new quick coupler system "HQ" begins in cooperation with OilQuick Germany. In construction is a mechanical and a hydraulic version. The system is compatible to the fully hydraulic OilQuick system.




The photovoltaic installations now cover a total capacity of more than 270 kWp - we are able to produce approx. 63% of our total electric consumption. Through consequent waste separation, we were able to reduce the residual waste by 67%. In addition to that, HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH rejects all kinds of biocides for the outdoor area. Equally, the complete floor of the metal cutting department was sealed in order to protect the natural earth.

We constantly check our situation with the latest legal requirements.


The Fourth Production Facility is Constructed


In 2012, the construction of the fourth production facility starts. The new plant enlarges the production area by 3000m³. For this building, modern machines were installed and a well-structured stock functioning with the Kanban-system was established. In order to make again an investment for the future, a special workshop for apprentices has been instituted in the production area. Furthermore, the most efficient technologies in order to follow the company’s environment policy are implemented.


ISO 14001 Certification and ISO 9001 re-Certification


Deepening the environment concept: logically concluding from the “Ökoprofit”-program, HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH is now annually controlled according to ISO 14001.

Also in 2011, the company is successfully re-certificated according to ISO 9001.


Ökoprofit Certification


The moral awareness of environmental damages becomes increasingly important: in 2010, HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH is concluding the “Ökoprofit”-program after careful inspection. For this reason, an environment policy was thoroughly and continually established over a large period of time. This policy concerns foremost the employment of natural resources and the saving of energy costs.

The results of the “Ökoprofit”-program were quickly implemented, e.g. by installing a new lighting concept in the production facilities and a more ecoconscious waste disposal.

The occupational pension has reached 100%.


Expansion of the Administration Facility


The administration building is enlarged in 2008. Especially a new social environment for our staff is planned.

Furthermore, quality management according to ISO 9001 is implemented. In the same year, it is certificated.


The Third Production Facility is Constructed


On the old facility’s area, a new production facility is constructed in 2007. Included are a functioning system for the flow of goods, a specified area for loading and unloading as well as new parking lots. This leads to the successful separation of serial production and reparation services. Moreover, all roofs are equipped with photovoltaic installations.
In the same year, a metal cutting department is established. In consequence, the vertical range of manufacture is significantly expanded.


Own Manufacturing of Quick Couplers

From 2006 onwards, quick couplers are manufactured in the company’s own production facilities. In addition to that, a first step towards the future was made: the first apprenticeship positions are established both in administration and production.


Original Equipment for Mini Excavator Manufacturers

Manufacturing of OEM-parts begins.


First Exhibition Appearance at GaLaBau Nuremberg

HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH firstly appears as exhibitor at GaLaBau in Nuremberg. Afterwards, the national trade fair is estabished as an important event for the company.


Foundation of HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH

In 1999, the Company HENLE Baumaschinentechnik GmbH is founded replacing HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile.


The Second Production Facility is Constructed

The construction of the company’s second production facility starts in 1998. Apart from the production area, an administration area is also planned for the new building.

Furthermore, the product spectrum is enlarged – the focus is now set on accessory equipment for compact machinery.


Dealership for Metalogenia

HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile becomes dealer in the area of trade with wear parts for construction machinery of Metalogenia, Spain. The trade concerns esp. excavation teeth and wear parts.


Dealership for Combi Wear Parts

HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile receives the dealership for Combi Wear Parts, Sweden. The trade concerns especially excavation teeth and wear parts.


Gerhard Henle Accedes to the Family Business

Gerhard Henle succeeds Werner Henle as CEO of HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile.


Expansion and Innovation

In 1990, the reparation service is enlarged. Additionally, some accessory equipments are developed – among others, excavation buckets and ditch-cleaning buckets.


The First Production Facility is Constructed

In 1986, the first production hall including stock and administration offices was built in Rammingen. At the same time, a reparation service was added to the company.
At this stage, HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile works with 2 employees.


Foundation of HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile

In 1981, the company HENLE Baumaschinenverschleißteile is founded by Werner Henle. At first, the company dealt with running gears and wear parts.